Keeping a Low Profile on Social Media Vol. 2

June 4th, 2018

For Volume 1, check out our blog from 2014!

While the Stone Age and the Ice Age took centuries to develop, the Digital Age has seen its infancy and growth in a relative blink of an eye.  This growth has been nothing short of phenomenal, with people of all ages using the technology in just about every way imaginable.

Folks are glued to their Smartphones almost 24/7 for personal and professional use, but should those uses be mixed?  Of course, but not without some limitations, especially while looking for a new job.  There are numerous digital sites all tied into what is called Social Media; here we will concentrate on some of the more popular apps.

Facebook can be fun what with showing off pet photos or watching “that” friend rant about bad service in a restaurant, but for your job search, where should the line be drawn as to what and what not to post?  Remember, Social Media is a public forum and a poor initial public perception is difficult to overcome.

With that in mind, here are some basic guidelines to remember in maintaining your public profiles during and after your job search:

-Always keep a low profile and remove inappropriate photos.  One of the first stops a recruiter makes in searching for qualified candidates is their Social Media accounts.  These are also favorite hangouts for hiring managers.   Check your privacy settings prior to posting anything to be sure the post is only going to the correct audience.  Do you want the person interviewing you tomorrow to see a post today that might take you out of the running for that job?

-Over 60% of people use LinkedIn as their primary professional network.  In the 15 years since the site launched, LinkedIn has grown to over 550 million users worldwide, with over 150 million of those in the US.

-You may have heard or seen ads for job boards that have three million open jobs from which to choose.  LinkedIn counts over 20 million businesses posting over 15 million open jobs.  And, 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

-Have a 100% complete profile.  In addition, under Privacy, be sure to mark YES to the “Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities” line.

-Use a professional-sounding email address for correspondence; Gmail and Yahoo are fine.  In your email signature, be sure to include an icon back to your LinkedIn profile.

-Include at least 10 years’ of work history.

-In the summary section, write your Elevator Speech.

-Ask for recommendations from current and former colleagues.

-Build connections.  Each connection opens the door to that individual’s list.  And so on.

-Join groups.

Using Social Media to assist in your job search is an absolute must.  Quickly networking to hundreds or even thousands of people is an inexpensive and productive way to get the word out that you are looking for something new in your career path.  And you can do it without a lot of fanfare; in other words, not raising the eyebrows of your current employer.

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