6th Annual CrossFire Group Scholarship

April 18th, 2018

Calling all college students!

CrossFire Group, LLC is now accepting Scholarship Applications for 2018! We are proud to support our CrossFire family and friends and encourage all college-level students to apply. The only requirement is that you must be a student in the Fall 2018 semester. Undergraduate, graduate, and specialized programs (law school, medical school, etc.) are all eligible. Our application is easy to complete with a few short-essay questions and some general information. Be sure to amp up your creativity, because our review panel gives bonus points for unique answers!

First place will have 2 winners and they will each receive a $500 scholarship, Second place winners will receive a $250 scholarship, and our Third place winners will receive a $100 scholarship.

In the past we have supported colleges and universities not just within the United States, but all over the world. Please see the list below of the colleges and universities that we … Read More

Where are all of the Permanent Jobs?

February 20th, 2017

“I want a full-time job”, is a phrase that we often hear when talking to a candidate about a contract assignment. Most times after further investigation, the candidate is interested in a perceived “permanent” position with an organization. We have seen many candidates hold out and pass up contract opportunities waiting for that proverbial “permanent job”. Most end up extending their unemployment status. What they do not realize is that they could be earning while waiting for that “permanent job”.

Most contract assignments are “full-time” jobs. Some candidates seem to shy away from contract assignments because they are perceived as “non-permanent”. I wonder, what exactly is a “permanent” position anyway?

Job-seekers typically equate “permanent” positions with one or more of the following characteristics:

Full-time (40 hours or more) of work per week
Health Benefits
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Retirement Plans

Reputable staffing and consulting firms with strong client relationships offer all of the above to their contract … Read More